Infrared Programming

Communication to the AL5H lock for programming and interrogation is fast easy and proficient using the standard infrared port. There are no programming cables to lose or break for this system.

Light and sound notification

When the guest enters the room, the lock’s light turns gren to confirm lock opening. Guest cards can be programmed so that the lock also emits an audible signal confirming the opening of the lock, ideal for sight impaired guests.


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification gives the ALV2 locks the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards without them touching the lock. Simply place the card within half an inch of the reader and the lock will open.

Ease of use

Without the need to insert or swipe the key card, guests of all ages will find the ALV2 lock more intuitive, the keycard can be offered to the lock from any direction.

Guest Security

The AW2H lock case has a three piece ¾ inch latch, a hardemed one inch steel deadbold and an anti-pick latch that prevents the lock case from being tampered with whilst the door is closed.

Power Supply

Though operating on only 2 AA alkaline batteries, the AW2H lock will function for arround 1 year before the low battery warning is indicated.