Intelligent and stylish RFID card lock system from MIWA Japan.


Is the latest in a long line of electronic locking solutions from Miwa Lock and is designed specifically for today’s busy hospitality industry. Using the latest in RFID technology the new locking system is attractive yet durable and easy for guests and staff to use. The thirty plus years of experience are easy to detect when looking at this system. Today a hotel lock is no longer just a means for closing the guest room door but an important part in the overall running of a busy hotel. As the only piece of technology in your property that the guest has to use multiple times it is vitally important that it does its job effectively every time, without fail. The mechanics and electronics of this lock are second to none having passed the prestigious ANSI 156.25 grade 1 electronic lock test, this also takes in the electronics too. The system has been designed to make it easy for your staff to use yet still have the features you need to run your hotel safely and securely.



RFID or Radio Frequency Identification gives the ALV2 locks the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards without them touching the lock. Simply place the card within half an inch of the reader and the lock will open. This technology has several advantages over existing magnetic strip and smart card systems.


Ease of use

Without the need to insert or swipe the key card, guests of all ages will find the ALV2 lock more intuitive, the keycard can be offered to the lock from any direction


Read and write

When a card is used to open a lock it can now be written to as well as read.


Guest cards : if a lock does not open when a guest card is used the reason for this is written on the card. This can be read by the staff in the hotel and problem can be immediately rectified.


Staff cards : Various information is added to the staff card every time it used to open a lock. This would include the room and time the lock was opened as well as the status of the batteries in each location.


Master key structure

With the use of RFID cards the master key structure for your staff can be configured to match your operating requirements. Each staff member can be issued a card that only gives them access to areas that their job demands. Should the need arise these can be changed on an individual basis, by you without the need to reprogram any of the locks.



ALV2 uses just four standard alkaline batteries. As with all systems eventually these will run down. The ALV2 lock has three ways to warn your staff of the impending problem. First the green light will flash when a staff card is used in the lock. If this is not sufficient then the lock can be programmed to make beep in the same situation. Each time a staff member opens a lock, data is written onto their card, at the end of each day this can be read and will give you information on any locks that have low batteries.



ALV2 is designed to interface to both PMS and POS solutions, using RS232 or TCP/IP key dater can be automatically sent to the Miwa system making the check in procedure more efficient and eliminating key stroke errors.


Other systems

Miwa can share the cards used with ALV2 with other systems that may be used on your property, due very flexible software. These could include systems such as time and attendance or even other access control systems.


Auditable security

ALV2 can be audited from every angle, the front desk system can be audited to see who has made staff or guest keys, the locks hold the last 600 transactions and the staff keys hold data on the last 140 locks they have been used in. The system has been designed to enable your security and operations personnel complete control over the access to your property.


Card control

As with all previous Miwa systems new guest cards cancel old guest cards and each staff card can be cancelled should it become lost or stolen.


Upgrade path

Whether your property is large or small the cost of a new locking system is still substantial and at Miwa we take this very seriously, we build systems that last. With this in mind we also realize that technology changes and advances this is why we have built a new system that can be used to upgrade our existing AL5H locks without the need to replace everything. The new ALV2 P type front escutcheons retro fit directly onto the existing lock

Upgrading from AL5H to ALV2 P can be done by simply replacing the outside escutcheon and reader.


Wall mount reader

For applications where a standard ALV2 lock is not suitable, such as a high usage common door, MIWA’s wall mount reader will provide the security needed.


The wall mount reader can:


• Operate magnetic locks, electrified panic bars, electric strikes or other locking devices.

• Work in conjunction with the control circuits of elevators, card park barriers and similar devices.


Key types

ALV2 offers several different options for keys unlike magnetic cards the proximity chip can be installed into several different forms. For example we are able to offer wrist bands for guests; these are worn and are useful in resort hotels where carrying a card is not always easy. Key fobs are also available which can be added to standard key rings or attached by a cord to the staff member’s uniform. Please ask your Miwa sales person for options and pricing.


ALV2 Available Card Variations:

Guest Cards : İşleThese can be programmed to open an individual room or multiple rooms or areas within the property. For example meeting areas can be added to a meeting planner’s card or a club floor or lounge to loyalty member.


Emergency Card : Opens all of the locks and access points in the property. This card will also override the deadbolts in the guest room locks; once this card has been used the door remains unlocked until it is reset.


Master Card : This card can open every lock in the property but cannot open a guest lock when the dead bolt is in use.


Sub Master Card : These are used by staff to gain access to rooms and areas of the property. With our advanced master key structure these can be tailored to individual employees needs,allowing them to only go where you want them to and when.


Passage Card : When this is used the door will open and remain open until another passage card is used to lock the door. This offers a simple yet secure solution to meeting rooms and banquet areas.


Lockout Card : This card, once used at the door, will stop all other cards in the system from working except for the emergency cards.


One Shot Card : Issued to open one specific door once.


Interrogation Cards :Used to down load the interrogation data from the locks. Quick and easy to use and allow the locks to be read without the need of the staff member having to use the Data Transfer Unit. An EL or Error log card is also available; this will download the error codes from a lock to speed up trouble shooting if required.


Basic function of ALV2 system:

Reader technology : RFID (Compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC))


Available card : ISO14443 (RFID) Type-A Mifare Standard (Classic) 4KB/1KB / Mifare


Standard Handles : 4 types.


Escutcheon design : 2 types (Slim type / P type).


Finishes: 5 finishes.


Power supply : 4 AA Alkaline batteries.


Interrogation logs(Audit trail lock events) :600 events (Can be downloaded by DTU or IR card).


Mechanical key override : Optional (Can be recorded in Interrogation logs).



OS: Windows 7 Professional 32Bit


Auto backup function: Available


Staff ID :Up to 500 ID


Card encoder :Up to 30 encoders can be connect to one PC


PMS interface / POS interface : Available

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